Cucumber has a good taste, refreshing and greasy. In our daily life, we usually eat raw cucumbers, cut them into thin slices or diced, and eat them as cucumber salad. Simple to make and rich in vitamins, cucumber salad is the favorite vegetable and light meal of contemporary young people. Therefore, cucumber salad processing has a good prospect. Generally, cucumbers are processed into semi-finished cucumber salad by a salad processing line in a salad processing factory and then packaged and sold to vegetable markets or major supermarkets. So how exactly is it done?

Cucumber Salad Recipe

  1. Slice or dice the cucumber
  2. Prepare some onion slices for playing cards
  3. Prepare the right amount of salt and vinegar and pour it on top of the sliced cucumbers and onions
  4. Add some honey to balance the taste

Therefore, making cucumber salad is very simple, therefore, the pre-processing of cucumbers is the last thing everyone wants to do, so it also brings business opportunities for cucumber producers and processors. The cucumbers are pre-processed and then sold. Those who need it only need to make a simple seasoning of cucumber and eat it. So what is cucumber salad made with at the salad processing factory?

Cucumber salads are processed in in a salad processing factory requiring salad processing lines that include cucumber washing machines as well as cucumber slicers, cucumber drying machines and cucumber packing machines. The main processing steps are as follows:

  1. Cucumber washing machine: The cucumber washing machine can remove the soil, pesticides and pests on the surface of the harvested cucumbers, and sterilize the cucumbers. Cucumbers are generally cleaned and rubbed with a bubble cleaning machine in a salad processing factory.
  2. Cucumber cutting machine: cucumber can be cut into slices or cubes, and different cucumber cutting machines can be selected according to processing needs.
  3. Cucumber air dryer: removes the water on the surface of the cucumber, making the storage time of the cucumber longer.
  4. Cucumber packaging machine: cucumbers can be packaged in bags or boxes according to the needs of processing.

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