Potato processing industry is to carry out physical or chemical biological processing of potatoes and process them into potato synthetic products. Potatoes are starchy vegetables that are often processed into products such as potato starch and French fries. In addition to these potatoes, there are many uses, and they can also be processed into alcohol, glucose, etc., which are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and paper industries. But the food potato processing industry is the most common and important in our daily life. So what exactly is the potato processing industry? The following articles will answer them one by one.

Our common potato food processing industry is mainly divided into potato pretreatment and deep processing. The pretreatment is to clean and grade the harvested potatoes and then sell them, and then further process them into French fries or potato chips. And these processes are a bit difficult to achieve only manually. Potato processing machinery is needed to help. Therefore, there are many kinds of potato processing machinery, including potato washing machine and potato peeling machine, potato cutting machine, potato grading machine, potato fryer and so on.

So what is the processing industry for turning potatoes into French fries?

  • First, peel and clean the potatoes as raw materials, and use the potato cleaning and peeling integrated machine to complete.
  • Feed the peeled potatoes to the slicer with a belt conveyor. Potatoes are cut into desired slices or strips.
  • And use a blanching machine to blanche the starch, and the blanched potato chips carry a large amount of attached water.
  • Use a vibrating screen with strong wind to separate individual potato chips and dry the attached water.
  • Then transfer to the fryer to reduce the water content of potato chips from 80% to 2% to get crispy products. The oil content of the finished fried crisps is between 30%-40%.
  • After frying, the potato chips are transported to the oil drain conveyor to drain the oil remaining on the surface of the product.
  • The fried potato chips are transported to the drum seasoning machine to season the potato chips.

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