Mango is very popular in Southeast Asia and South Asia, including different products and colors, but its sweet and sour taste is intriguing. Many people like to eat mangoes, but mangoes are harvested in different seasons, not every season has mangoes. Therefore, in order to eat mangoes all year round, people process mangoes to make mango products that are easy to store and increase the added value of mangoes. So, how much does it cost to build a mango processing plant? The following article is for everyone.

The cost of mango processing includes a lot, take the processing of dried mango as an example. Building a dried mango processing plant requires mango raw material costs, site costs, factory construction costs, labor and management costs, and transportation costs.


Specific analysis of mango processing costs

  1. Raw material costs: First of all, you need to obtain mango raw materials, depending on whether you purchase them or plant them yourself. If you plant them yourself, the main considerations are the cost of mango seedlings, fertilizer costs, labor costs, and site rental fees. If it is outsourcing, there is no need to consider these.
  2. Site cost: To build a mango factory, you need to choose a site, depending on how big a site you need. It is to evaluate the size of the mango factory according to the amount of processing that needs to be processed every day, and then build according to the demand.
  3. Factory construction costs: factory construction requires material loss costs and labor costs.
  4. Labor costs: Generally, small mango processing plants require a lot of labor costs if they use labor. Mango processing machinery can be considered. For example, there is a mango washing machine for cleaning mangoes, a mango peeling machine for peeling mangoes, and a mango dryer for drying mangoes. The automatic production of mango processing has been fully realized, which is the benefit of mango processing.
  5. Management costs: Daily loss costs such as labor and water and electricity need to be taken into account.
  6. Transportation costs: The processed mangoes need to be transported and sold, and a certain amount of transportation costs must be planned.

Profit Analysis of Mango Processing Plant

Fifty kilograms of fresh mangoes can produce 5 kilograms of dried fruit. The price of mangoes fluctuates frequently. Sometimes mangoes are unsalable, and the price is unimaginably low. Now dried mangoes in the market can achieve more than 30% profit.

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