What do you use to clean vegetables? With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for vegetables is increasing, but now the pesticides and preservatives used by vegetable growers to increase production have become a hidden danger to human health. So when eating vegetables, the pre-cleaning treatment of vegetables is very important. So, what do you use to clean vegetables? In vegetable processing plants, do you know vegetable processing machinery for small scale? Farm vegetable processing equipment consists of washing machines, picking belts, air dryers, etc. What are the main types of washing machines in common use?

What Do You Use To Clean Vegetables?

The bubble washing machine is a general-purpose farm vegetable processing equipment for fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, seafood, etc. It is widely used and does not pick materials. The size of the bubble cleaner can be customized according to needs and products.

The bubble cleaning machine is called the bubble cleaning machine because of the bubbling cleaning. The bubble cleaning machine can also be matched with the upper spray cleaning, so that the multiple angles and multiple cleanings will clean the food. Bubble cleaner is a commonly used farm fruit vegetable processing machine.

The brush washing machine is suitable for round or oval fruits and vegetables, such as radishes, potatoes, lotus roots and other fruits and vegetables with a lot of sediment. At the same time, the brush cleaning machine can change the hardness of the brush according to the needs of cleaning or peeling. If you only need to clean, you can use a soft brush, need to be peeled, and replace the hard brush. You only need to put forward your own needs, and the sales staff will recommend them according to your needs.

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The vortex cleaning machine is generally suitable for cleaning leaf vegetables after chopped, such as spinach, cabbage, leeks, etc. Since this material is lighter after chopped, the vortex cleaning machine is used to clean it more cleanly, and it is widely used in central kitchen vegetable cleaning.

Clean farm vegetable processing equipment The above three types of cleaning machines are made of stainless steel, and the raw materials of the equipment will not be damaged, so as to achieve the effects of high cleaning, labor saving, and water saving. The cleaning machine equipment will have an impact and scrubbing on the surface of the object to be cleaned. The function of scrubbing the surface of the object to be cleaned will clean the object to be cleaned.

The farm vegetable processing equipment cleaning machine effectively cleans the surface of vegetables, melons and fruits, improves the work efficiency by more than 50%, effectively separates the cleaned material from the washed sediment, reduces the turbidity of the water, greatly improves the recycling rate of the cleaning water, and can save Cleaning water saves manpower, and more cleaning materials and vegetable processing equipment are welcome to consult.

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