Carrots growing in the ground, when the harvest season, the harvested carrots will bring a lot of mud. If it is sold directly, it will affect the appearance, and there may be many demanders who will not buy carrots with dirt. Carrots with dirt will not only add weight to the carrots, but they are not easy to clean when you buy them. Therefore, for carrot growers, cleaning carrots is very necessary. And a large number of carrots need a carrot washing machine for sale to clean carrots quickly and in large quantities. How you wash a large batch of carrots is explained in this article.

How to clean carrots

1.Clean carrots at home

  • Use a pan-cleaning scrub to clean the carrots. A rag to clean the pan. Use a rag with better friction to clean the skin of the carrots, and the darker carrot skins will also be cleaned.
  • Wash carrots with rubber gloves. If you don’t have a cleaning tool, you can wash the carrots by hand, but if you wash your hands too hard, your hands will peel and uncomfortable, so you can wash them with gloves.
  • Use a brush to clean the carrots. The brush can rub off the skin of the carrot, wash away the dirt on the surface of the carrot, and if you scrub hard, the color of the carrot will become more shiny.

2.The method of bulk clean carrots for farmer

  • Use an automatic carrot washing machine to wash carrots. In order to clean a large number of carrots, the manufacturer cleans the carrots with soil, so that the color is more shiny and easier to sell.
  • How does a carrot washing machine work?

The carrot washing machine is a brush washing machine that is used, it is equipped with a smart switch, and it is fed manually or by a hoist. When working, turn on the smart switch. After entering the machine, the carrot is brushed between the brush sticks. The carrot uses the rotation of the brush to move forward. The carrot washes the soil and dust on the material. The wire diameter is thickened, the thorns on the carrots can be cleaned, and the soil and thorns of the carrots are discharged from the oil collecting tank under the action of water pressure. The machine can also filter the water in the oil collecting tank and return it to use.

Through the above, you know how to wash carrots in batches. If you are a carrot grower and need to wash a lot of carrots, then a carrot washing machine is indispensable. We are carrot washing machine manufacturers with many years of experience in manufacturing. If you are interested in machinery, you can contact us. We will provide you with customized solutions.

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