With the gradual strengthening of people’s health awareness, more and more people call for green food, and vegetables have become one of the indispensable foods on people’s daily table. Due to the accelerated urbanization process, more and more people only You can go to the supermarket to buy vegetables, so how is the lettuce processed in the factory, and is the lettuce processed in the factory hygienic? Nowadays, the rapid development of science and technology has led to the realization of industrial production in most industries, and the mechanization of vegetable processing plants has also been realized. Taking lettuce as an example, what are the lettuce processing steps?

First, cutting
After selecting the lettuce with beautiful appearance, maturity and no rotten leaves, the workers will divide it into two and place it on the conveyor belt. With the fast operation of the cutting machine, the lettuce is quickly cut into shreds.

Second, cleaning
This is an important lettuce processing step. Vegetable processing plants generally use vortex cleaning machines to fully clean the shredded vegetables, which can effectively remove the sediment and microorganisms attached to the surface of vegetables. At the same time, there are also machines equipped with ozone. , minimizing pesticide residues and avoiding food safety hazards contained in fresh-cut vegetables.

Third, drying
The washed shredded vegetables are transported to the centrifugal dryer, and the dehydration of the shredded lettuce is achieved through high-speed rotation. The lettuce after dehydration can greatly reduce rot and extend the shelf life.

Fourth, packaging
The dried shredded lettuce is transported to the packaging machine in batches for vacuum packaging, which ensures the quality of the lettuce. At the same time, the shredded lettuce is packed at any time, which greatly facilitates people’s daily life. Shape-preserving and fresh-keeping are more suitable for today’s fast-paced era.

This is the processing steps of lettuce in the lettuce processing plant. The simple four steps provide food safety guarantee for the green plants that people need in daily life.

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