We use strawberry bubble cleaning machine instead of washing strawberries with salt or vinegar to wash strawberries, which can clean the pesticides and other harmful substances on strawberries correctly and naturally. The following is a popularization of various methods for cleaning strawberries.

  • 1.How to wash the strawberries with salt?

Washing strawberries with salt water is a method that people often use to clean strawberries in order to find out if there are bugs in the strawberries. When washing strawberries with salt, pay attention to the concentration of saltwater and the length of soaking time. Facts have shown that after soaking in at least 10% saltwater for about five minutes, you will begin to notice small bugs seeping out of the strawberries. These little bugs are the offspring of fruit flies, also called berry bugs.

  • 2.How to clean strawberries with vinegar?

Washing strawberries with vinegar can wash away any potential pesticide residues that may remain on the strawberries. To make a vinegar bath, mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 8 cups of water. The berries should be soaked in this bathtub for at least five minutes and then rinsed with running cold water.

  • 3.How to wash the strawberries correctly and naturally?

Strawberry bubble washing machine can wash strawberries naturally.The Strawberry washing machine air bubble type uses the action and strength of water bubbles to effectively remove dirt and other foreign bodies on strawberries. You just need to put the strawberries in, and the whole process will be automated. Strawberry bubble washing machine is suitable for a variety of fruit and vegetable applications in various occasions. It not only saves resources, but also saves manpower, and has strong washing power.

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