Fresh cut fruits and vegetables are very popular in this fast-paced daily life. Fresh cut vegetables are vegetables that have been cleaned, cut, packaged and processed. They are now very common in major supermarkets and have a high sales volume. The reason is that it can save the time of office workers and can be directly purchased at home. Cooking, saves the time of washing and chopping vegetables. While saving time, it also satisfies the daily vitamin supplementation of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, fresh-cut vegetables will become more and more popular.How to process fresh cut fruits and vegetables in bulk?

What do fresh cut fruits business plan need to do to process fresh cut fruits and vegetables in bulk?

Process fresh cut fruits and vegetables in bulk only requires three machines, which are a vegetable washing machine, a fruit and vegetable cutting machine, and a fruit and vegetable packaging machine.

1. Vegetable washing machine, the leaf vegetable washing machine adopts a bubble-type washing machine, for root vegetables, a brush washing machine is used, and for chopped vegetables, an eddy current washing machine is used in fresh cut fruits business plan.

  • The bubble cleaning machine uses a bubble generator, and the generated bubbles rub the vegetables, which can remove the dust, pesticides and flying insects on the surface of the vegetables. It will not damage the surface of the material, and the output can be customized according to the fresh cut fruits business plan processing needs. The use of water circulation system can achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. The machine is made of stainless steel, which has a long service life and is convenient for cleaning and storage.
  • The brush cleaning machine, the nylon brush used in the brush cleaning machine has a long service life and is more wear-resistant. If you need to peel, you need to replace the emery brush for peeling. The output can also be customized, the peeling effect can reach about 90%, and the peeling effect is very high.
  • Eddy current Washer: The eddy current washing machine is a combination of eddy currents and air bubbles, suitable for washing chopped vegetables, soak the leaves in water and mix, then spin for a few minutes to remove all dirt from their surfaces. The water temperature can be adjusted to a low temperature range suitable for washing mixed leaves. Small leaves and insects can be filtered out with a flytrap installed on the machine, and disinfectants and cleaners can be added to the water solution if necessary.
fresh cut fruits business plan

2.Vegetable cutting machine, vegetable cutting machine includes vegetable de-slicing machine, vegetable cutting machine, vegetable dicing machine and vegetable shredding machine, etc., which can be customized according to different fresh cut fruits business plan. It is usually seen that the vegetable slicer is aimed at leafy vegetables, which is also a common type of fresh-cut vegetables. The fruit and vegetable dicing machine is a necessary equipment for processing fruit salad, and the vegetable slicer and the slicing machine are the welfare products for processing potato chips and fries. The size and thickness of the cut can be freely selected.

3.Vegetable packaging machine, vegetable packaging machine includes several packaging methods such as vacuum packaging, bag packaging, box packaging, etc. According to the fresh cut vegetables and fruits sold in the market, most of the fruits are boxed, vegetables are mostly bags, and root vegetables are also Some are vacuum packed.

Are you excited about fresh cut fruits and vegetables? The subsequent processing of fresh cut vegetables can also be processed into frozen fruits and vegetables, fried fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables, fruit juice jams, etc. We can provide the above mentioned processing equipment and processing technology. We are a fruit and vegetable processing solution provider. If you want to start a fresh cut fruit and vegetable business, you can contact us, we will provide you with solutions and equipment.

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