With the gradual improvement of the salad processing line, the gradual improvement of industrial standards, the steady improvement of processing efficiency, and the widespread use of intelligent machinery and equipment, the salad processing industry has brought new vitality to its development. Today, let’s take salad processing as an example to talk about what equipment is required to open a salad processing factory.

Equipment required for salad processing

According to the current development status of the industry, salad processing equipment mainly includes cleaning equipment, cutting equipment, blanching equipment, centrifugal drying equipment, quick-freezing equipment, continuous frying equipment, deoiling equipment, etc. Salads tend to pursue more taste. The development of freezing and fresh-keeping technology and cold chain logistics has enabled pre-made vegetables to be frozen at low temperature throughout the process from processing to sale. The price is also higher. The shelf life is generally only about seven days, and no preservatives are added.

There are four main types of salad processing design:

The first is a salad manufacturing enterprise, focusing on the production and processing of pre-made vegetables, with product categories and research and development advantages, and a certain brand accumulation and operational capabilities at the C-end;

Second, catering companies have their own brand accumulation, and their advantage lies in C-end stores or brand spillover effects;

Third, platform companies such as supermarkets and convenience stores have retail genes, rely on chain platform networks, cover a wide range of people, and enjoy platform logistics and distribution;

Fourth, upstream agricultural enterprises have advantages in salad development due to the mastery of raw materials and the accumulation of abundant channels of agricultural and livestock products.

Our company keeps up with the development trend of salads, develops automated equipment according to a variety of salad processing techniques, and integrates competitive production lines to help customers stay one step ahead in the craze of pre-made dishes. As the salad business is relatively broad, our company will propose customized salad processing equipment layout and solutions according to your processing needs.

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