Mango is a tropical fruit. After the mango is ripe, a large amount of ethylene will be produced on the surface, and long-term storage will cause mildew, which is a very serious problem for transportation and storage. In addition, there will be a lot of bacteria attached to the surface of the mango. Although we do not eat the skin when we eat it, it will also infect the bacteria on our hands. When we eat it, it may also spread to the pulp and then into the body. Therefore, it is also necessary to clean up when eating. Of course, cleaning mangoes is also the first and most important step in mango processing, so what is the best way to clean mangoes commercially?

For mango eaters, there are two ways to clean mangoes.
The first is to gently scrub the epidermis with water. Second, if you are afraid that the cleaning power of the water is not enough, you can use the detergent suitable for cleaning fruits and vegetables to deal with it. Otherwise, if the skin is not peeled, it is easy to leave the bacteria on the outside of the skin in the pulp. Therefore, when we eat mango, we must clean it and be responsible for our own health.

For mango growers and suppliers, cleaning mangoes is to sterilize mangoes, enhance the shelf life and freshness of mangoes, and facilitate the storage and transportation of mangoes. But a lot of mango cleaning requires a lot of labor if it is cleaned manually, and it will take up a lot of space and time. So, what is the best way to clean mangoe commercially? There is a mango washing machine capacity that can replace manual labor and solve the above problems.

The mango cleaning machine is a bubble-type cleaning machine. Before application, an appropriate amount of water is injected into the equipment box, and the water temperature is heated by a heating tube. When the raw materials pass through the box, they will be separated from the bubble machine and the water. , and move forward with the mesh belt from time to time. When the water comes out, the high-end is equipped with a sprinkler head for high-pressure washing. It can thoroughly clean the surface of mango.

It can effectively kill harmful bacteria on the surface of mangoes and synthesize residual pesticides. The cleaning mango is effectively separated from the washed sediment, which reduces the turbidity of the water, greatly improves the recycling rate of the cleaning water, saves 80% of the cleaning water, and saves manpower. Easy to operate, save time and effort, low energy consumption, sanitation, safety and high efficiency.

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