There are many kinds of mangoes in Vietnam, among which green mango, Kate mango and Jinhuang mango are common, and the ripening time of different varieties of mango is not exactly the same. Among them, Vietnamese green awns generally mature around June; Kate mangoes generally mature in August-September; Jinhuang mangoes generally mature in June-July. So what is the specific situation of different mangoes?

Ripening time of Vietnamese mangoes

There are many varieties of mangoes in Vietnam, and the ripening time of different varieties of mangoes is not exactly the same. The main varieties are green mango, Kate mango, Jinhuang mango, etc. Among them, Vietnamese green mangoes usually mature around June; Kate mangoes generally mature in August-September; Jinhuangmang – generally matures in Vietnam mango processing unit from June to July.

Varieties of Mango

  1. green mango is the mature fruit of the Anacardaceae plant mango, which is native to tropical regions. Some are egg-shaped, and some are round, kidney-shaped, and heart-shaped. There are many kinds of skin color, light green, yellow, dark red. The pulp of green mango is yellow, contains dietary fiber, tastes not sour and sweet, has aroma, is juicy and has a large core. Green mango combines the essence of tropical fruits and is known as the “king of tropical fruits”.
  2. Kate Mount
    (1) Katemango is the name of a variety of mango, which originated in Florida, USA, and is famous for its high yield, high quality and late ripening.
    (2) The fruit is elliptic or obovate, with a distinct fruit nose. The immature fruit is gray-purple green, dark red when ripe, with lavender fruit powder. The flesh is thick, fine and smooth, less fiber, and the quality of sweetness is quite good. The seeds are very small, accounting for only 7.5-8% of the weight of the fruit, and the seed ribs are obviously prominent.
    (3) Kate awn tree is very strong. The fruit is oval, the skin is light green and the sunny side is light red, and the shoulder is light red. The average weight of a single fruit is 680 grams. The skin is thin, the core is small, the flesh is thick, the pulp is orange, and the sugar content is 17%.
  3. Jinhuangmang
    (1) The fruit of Jinhuang mango is 199 cm long, 10.1 cm wide, and 8.9 cm thick. It is oblong in shape, the fruit is very large, and the high-quality seeds have multiple embryos; the fruit matures in June to July.
    (2) Jinhuang Mango is rich in nutrition. In addition to fresh food, it can also be processed into fruit juice, jam, candy chips, candied fruit, salted food and other foods. In addition, mango leaf extract can also inhibit pyogenic coccus, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and it also has the effect of inhibiting influenza virus.

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