Apple Fruit Washing And Waxing Sorting Line Project

Material: stainless steel
Whether it can be customized: can be customized
Output: 500-2000kg/h
Voltage: 380v


The main goal of a fuit washing and sorting line is to improve the hygiene, quality and appearance of the fruit while increasing production efficiency and reducing manual intervention. This helps ensure that consumers receive high-quality apples, while providing greater profitability for agricultural production.

Fuit Washing And Sorting Line Introduction

The industrial apple fruit washing and waxing line for processing and packaging apples and other fruits. The following is a general introduction to this line:

  • Infeed and preliminary screening: The production line usually starts with a conveyor belt that transports the picked apples to the washing and grading process. At this stage, an initial screening may be done to remove obviously problematic fruit, such as rotten or damaged apples.
  • Washing: Apples go into a sink or sprinkler system to remove surface dirt, dust, and impurities. The cleaning process usually uses water and/or cleaning fluids to ensure the hygiene of the apple surface.
  • Waxing: Washed apples may go to a apple waxing machine . Here, a layer of food-grade wax is applied to the surface of the apples to add shine, prolong shelf life and improve appearance. Waxes are usually food grade and pose no human health hazard.
  • Drying: After the apples have been waxed, they may need to be dried to remove excess moisture. This can be done with a fan or a warm heater.
  • Grading: Once the apples are washed, waxed and dried, they go to the apple sorting machines. At this stage, automated equipment uses various sensors and cameras to check the apples for characteristics such as size, color, shape and quality. Based on these characteristics, apples will be classified into different grades and size categories.
  • Packing: The graded apples are transported to the packing area. Automatic fruit sorting and packing machine is often used to pack apples into boxes, bags or other packaging containers. Packaging is often marked with labels such as product information, branding and barcodes.
  • Quality inspection and final inspection: After packaging is complete, there may be an additional round of quality inspections to ensure that the product meets quality standards. This can include manual inspection or the use of automated vision systems.
  • Outfeed: Finally, the packaged apples will be transported to the outfeed area, ready to be sent to distribution centers, supermarkets or other sales channels.


Apple Sorting Machines Line Video

Advantages Of Apple Fruit Washing And Waxing Line

  • Increased production efficiency: Industrial apple sorting machines lines are able to automate multiple processes, including cleaning, waxing and grading, which greatly improves production efficiency. This means more apples can be processed in less time, thus meeting market demand.
  • Improved product quality: Automated processing reduces human error and inconsistency, ensuring that every apple goes through the same process, improving product quality and consistency.
  • Reduced labor costs: Automated fuit washing and sorting line can reduce the amount of manual labor required, thereby reducing labor costs, especially in the case of long-term operations.
  • Enhanced food safety: Automated fruit washing and waxing line can increase the level of food safety by using proper cleaning and sanitizing methods, reducing the risk of bacteria and contaminants in food.
  • Improved product appearance: The waxing and grading process can make apples look more attractive, increasing their market competitiveness

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