Industrial Kava Root Washing Processing Machine For Kava Powder Process


Description Of Kava Root Washing Machine

The kava root washing machine is a high-pressure spray cleaning machine, which can wash away the sludge on kavas and tree roots and other materials through high pressure. The kava processing machine can be combined with kava air dryer, kava dryer, kava mill and other equipment to form a kava powder production line, and can also process kava root tea.

Advantages Of Kava Root Cleaning Machine

  1. It can clean the roots of various plants and medicinal materials that are difficult to clean.
  2. The material is solid and durable, wear-resistant, sun-resistant and high-temperature resistant.
  3. Adopt intelligent control panel, easy to operate and use.
  4. Compact structure, high degree of automation.
  5. Reduce the waste of time and labor costs, and improve production efficiency.


Features Of Kava Processing Machine

  1. It adopts high-pressure cleaning and four-sided spraying design, which can clean in all directions.
  2. It can automatically feed and discharge materials, and the operation is convenient and simple.
  3. The water circulation system is adopted, which can automatically filter clean water to prevent the waste of water resources.
  4. The sprayer is detachable, which is convenient for later maintenance and cleaning.
  5. The kava root processing machine is made of stainless steel and has a long service life.

The Principle Of Kava Root Washing Machine

  1. The washing machine uses high-pressure spraying as the main cleaning method
  2. The equipment consists of hot alkaline water spray section, disinfectant water spray section and drying section, among which the disinfectant water spray section and drying section can be customized according to customer requirements.
  3. If disinfection is required, the concentration of the disinfectant can be adjusted freely; the water temperature in the two water tanks is automatically controlled, and can be set arbitrarily from normal temperature to 80°.
  4. Each circulating water tank adopts a horizontal stainless steel centrifugal water pump to circulate and spray, and the materials are sprayed and washed from the four directions of up, down, left and right at the same time.

Parameters Of Kava Root Cleaning Machine

Model Mesh belt width Monitor Rate Dimensions(MM)
GG-PL-6000 800mm 13.5KW 6000*1200*1450mm

Kava root is a kind of plant-like root, which can be processed by washing, drying, grinding, etc. It can have medicinal value and has a strong processing prospect. For the above processing, we have corresponding equipment to provide. If you want to carry out related business, you can directly leave a message to get quotations and solutions.

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