Eggplant Cleaning Washing Machine Factory Customized Price


Eggplant Cleaning Machine Introduction

The eggplant washing machine is an essential equipment for eggplant processing. Whether it is freezing eggplants, drying eggplants or simply cleaning eggplants, this machine can be used. This machine adopts the bubble cleaning method, which will not affect the smell and color of eggplant, and is an essential equipment for various fruit and vegetable processing.


Features Of The Eggplant Cleaning Machine

1. Except for standard parts such as motors and bearings, the equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304, which meets food hygiene requirements.
2. It is suitable for cleaning, soaking, sterilizing and fixing colors of granular, leafy and rhizome products such as leafy vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, aquatic products and Chinese herbal medicines.
3. It runs smoothly and has a long service life, and can be customized according to the output.
4. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and convenient connection.
5. With a water circulation filtration system, it can reduce the waste of water resources.

Advantages Of Eggplant Washing Machine

1. It can be combined with eggplant cutting machinery to form a production line for continuous operation.
2. The pulley design is convenient for the use and movement of the machine.
3. Reduce labor and time costs.
4. It is suitable for use in major processing plants, canteens, hotels, restaurants and other occasions.
5. Can provide various pre-sales and after-sales services, customized solutions.

Eggplant Cleaning Machine Price Parameters

Model Mesh belt width Transmission power Pump power Air pump power Dimensions(MM)
GG-XQ2500A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 2650*1550*1350
GG-XQ3000A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 3150*1550*1350
GG-XQ3500A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 3550*1550*1350
GG-XQ4000A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 4150*1550*1350
GG-XQ5000A 800 1.5 1.5 4 5150*1550*1350
GG-XQ6000A 800 1.5 1.5 4 6150*1550*1350

How To Prepare Eggplant For Washing

The eggplant washing machine price is equipped with a bubble generating device, which makes the eggplant roll and remove the pesticide residue on the surface of the product. At the same time, an appropriate amount of medicament can be added to disinfect and fix the color. The floating matter can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment is discharged from the sewage outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

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